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In 1962 songwriter/singer Pete Seeger released the song “Turn! Turn! Turn!  The song’s lyrics, “to everything there is a season,” were taken almost verbatim from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the King James Version of the Bible, and were later recorded and made a Billboard number 1 hit by American folk rock group the Byrds.  “Turn! Turn! Turn!” is believed to hold the record for the number 1 hit with the oldest lyrics.  How ironic!  A song, whose lyrics have been around for thousands of years, is a song about change!  And how true!  To everything there is a season.  And like it or not, ready or not, the face of Facebook is about to change!

On March 30, 2012, Facebook users, individuals and organizations, will be faced with the new Timeline look. ( )  The change has been coming for several months.  And while some organizations opted in early on, others have been slow to come around.  For those who have not yet made the change, perhaps a brief explanation of ‘the old’ and ‘the new’ would be helpful.

Under the current, more familiar layout, there is A LOT of text with a few small thumbnail photos.  “The focus is on the most recent things you posted and more important stuff slips off the page,” says Samuel W. Lessin, a product manager for Facebook.  Lessin points out, under the new layout, “Timeline is wider than your old profile, and it’s a lot more visual.  The first thing you’ll notice is the giant photo right at the top. This is your cover, and it’s completely up to you which of your photos you put here.”

In addition to the new layout being more visually appealing, it is also designed to help users.  Lessin explains, “As you scroll down past your cover, you’ll see your posts, photos and life events as they happened in time. You choose what’s featured on your timeline. You can star your favorites to double their size.”  Another convenient feature says Lessin, is that, “If important parts of your story aren’t included on your timeline, you can go back to when they happened and add them.”  But what if you don’t want all activities and photos on your time line?  Fear not, you can hide or even delete unimportant posts so that only the most appealing and most important information is featured.  Once your organization’s Facebook page reflects the new Timeline format, you will have 7 days to clean up unwanted posts and pictures.  You can wait until March 30th or you can make the change now.

But ready or not, Facebook is changing and if you are planning to stay the course with Facebook, you will have to change too.  Several organizations and businesses have already made the change and there are plenty of examples of the new Timeline.  So take heart!  The new Timeline look and features can actually be beneficial for your organization, as an appealing marketing tool, as a tool to keep track of your organization’s history and so much more!

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Search Engine Optimization For Non-Profits Just Got A Little Easier

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Search Engine Optimization is generally not water-cooler conversation or even a topic discussed over dinner.  Yet billions of people are affected by it every day and most don’t even know what it is.   But if you are a nonprofit organization that uses or plans to use the internet, you will want to add Search Engine Optimization as a topic of discussion at your next marketing meeting.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is an internet marketing strategy that can help improve an organization’s website or webpage visibility.  SEO is made possible through the use of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing and items such as keywords, search terms and links.  Still don’t quite understand SEO’s?  Think of it this way:  On the information super highway, that is, the internet, SEO is a way of building exit ramps that potentially lead to your organization’s website or webpage.  And building those exit ramps just got a little easier for nonprofit organizations.

ROI Pop, Inc. , a nonprofit-focused media agency has just released the 2012 SEO for Nonprofits Guide, a downloadable guide created to help nonprofit organizations start the process of increasing their online relevance and presence.  “A lot of nonprofits don’t know where to begin when it comes to making it easier for donors, volunteers and [potential stakeholders] to find them on the internet,” stated ROI Pop, Inc. CEO, Brant Claussen.  Therefore, ROI Pop, Inc. has designed an easy to follow plan.  Mr. Claussen added, “We knew we had to make it approachable, not load it with tech jargon, and create a guide that actually gave something useful.”  ROI Pop, Inc. has not only made the guide approachable.  They’ve made it free!  Nonprofits who are interested in establishing a greater internet presence can download the SEO for Nonprofits Guide from the ROI Pop website.

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