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Internship: Moving Forward With Roseland

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These past few weeks the intern team at HR4Non-Profits has been brainstorming ideas to help out Roseland Community Hospital.

Although Roseland Hospital is rated in the top 5% for pulmonary care in America and has been recognized for its medical services, it still struggles to obtain a mammography machine, which would allow doctors to detect the early signs of breast cancer in both men and women.  Since Roseland Community Hospital is the only hospital in a 7-mile radius, the lives of women in Roseland, Pullman, West Pullman, and Washington Heights communities may depend on this piece of equipment.

The current goal is to raise $250,000 to purchase a digital mammography machine, and ultimately prevent severe cases of breast cancer from occurring within the community. In order to help accomplish certain goals, it is important to reach out to different businesses and organizations and ask for donations. Some organizations specifically spell out in their websites types of projects they donate towards. These projects range from mentoring programs for women to machines that would benefit hospitals. Either way, this internship has taught me how crucial it is to network and build upon that network in order to reach goals and move forward.

For more information on Roseland and fundraising, call the HR4NON-PROFITS team 630.830.4443 or visit our website at

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Alyssa Zavislak

Cornell College

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Internship: Have A Game Plan!

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This past weekend, HR4Non-Profits volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. We helped organize canned goods in the warehouse section of the organization. Although there was no air conditioning, it was amazing to see how fast and efficient people worked and how some local Chicagoans dedicated time every week towards volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to the next volunteer opportunity we have in Chicago.

In addition to weekly volunteering, I have been interviewing various CEOs, Presidents, and Chief of Staffs of both small and larger companies worldwide. It’s interesting to see how various companies have adopted and implemented new approaches after the economic recession and how much strategic planning plays a role in every business. With so many economic obstacles and future uncertainties, it is vital for companies, regardless of size, to have a future plan extending beyond ten years.

Interviewing companies on post-recession strategies and leadership allows HR4Non-Profits to review these best practices and potentially feature these businesses in our monthly newsletter. The questionnaire is comprised of the following:

1. Has your company adopted new approaches or changes in its approaches since the economic downturn?

2. What are the main obstacles that businesses face in their first years?

3. How does your company measure success?

4. What would you say is the most important ability a leader should have?

5. How do you set up future goals for the organization and how do you measure if the organization is moving towards those goals?

If you would like to answer these questions and be featured in our newsletter, please e-mail me at

For information on strategic planning and more, call the HR4NON-PROFITS team at  630.830.4443 or visit our website at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Alyssa Zavislak

Cornell College

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Internship: Small Steps

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This week has been especially exciting since we are seeing some of the projects come together, forcing me to reflect on this month’s internship experience. After just a month’s time, it’s amazing to see the progress the company has made and how much we’ve grown individually and as a team.

Individually, I see how I’ve completed certain projects like newsletters and feel proud to what I’ve completed thus far. As a team, I’m amazed at how communication within the interns has improved and at the innovative ideas people bring to the table and bounce off one another. Now that a month has gone by, we can see how certain projects have been completed while others are still in the making.

As a team, we have been working on fundraising ideas for the Roseland Community Hospital, a hospital lacking mammogram technology to adequately detect and address breast cancer in patients. It was exciting to see our intern team brainstorm ideas and compile a list of fundraising initiatives and a comprehensive timeline to follow in order to get this fundraiser up and running.

Additionally, Phyllis, an intern from Northwestern University, has been working on a new commercial for HR4Non-Profits. This commercial integrates the values of HR4Non-Profits along with how the company has lowered cost and improved efficiency for non-profit organizations. The commercial is still a work in progress so it will be interesting to see how the final product will look.

Generally, it’s exciting to see where these projects are going and how we are making progress. While the projects I work on have incremental steps to completion, social, economic, and political change also takes small steps.

For information on Roseland Hospital and much more, call the HR4NON-PROFITS team at  630.830.4443 or visit our website at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

Alyssa Zavislak

Cornell College

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