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A Blog About Breast Cancer

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This is not my usual bubbly blog so be warned. As mentioned in my previous blog, HR4NONPROFITS has been working alongside Roseland Community Hospital in trying to obtain a digital mammography machine for the hospital.

Just a few days ago, my neighbor and very good friend, Kim, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She mentioned how her doctor performed a typical exam, during which the doctor did not detect any signs of breast cancer. Fortunately, Kim was due to have a mammogram screening, which did detect the cancer. While it is unfortunate that she experiences the harsh reality of having cancer, luckily, she had a mammogram screening that was able to detect the cancer early.  Thus, she can begin treatment right away as opposed to not knowing, which allows the cancer to spread. Similar to this instance, there are many more in which digital mammography machines help to detect cancer that may have gone otherwise unnoticed and undiagnosed.

According to, “mammograms have been shown to lower the risk of dying from breast cancer by 35% in women over the age of 50.” Since mammograms allow for breast cancer to be both detected and treated earlier, women are more likely to be able to keep their breasts and avoid resorting to localized breast removal, also known as mastectomy.

It is crucial for Roseland to obtain this machine and help to prevent breast cancer from occurring within the Chicago communities. Death rates due to breast cancer are two times higher in Chicago than in New York City. Also, Chicago lacks quality institutions to provide routine screening. New York has 11 safety-net institutions to provide screening services, whereas Chicago has only one. Doctors at the University of Illinois at Chicago believe that Chicago’s South Side has a lack of overall preventative measures that should be taken, such as routine checks and the equipment. They believe that more hospitals located in the South Side communities need to be equipped with mammography equipment especially since there is such a strong presence of breast cancer in Chicago. Clearly, it is vital for Roseland to have this machine. If Roseland Community Hospital has this equipment, it can perform mammograms on its patients and help to prevent breast cancer and treat it earlier.

Furthermore, the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and the American College of Radiology now recommend annual mammograms for women over 40. Dr. Susan Greenstein, a breast cancer research expert, says, “Mammography plays a critical part in diagnosing breast cancer. In the past, we’d often find that a woman had breast cancer when she came in with a lump. Today, the cancers radiologists find on mammography are usually detected early, before they can be felt by the patient, are smaller than cancers felt by patients, and have much lower levels of lymph node involvement.”

Please help Roseland obtain this mammography machine by donating and spreading the word!

For more information on breast cancer, mammograms, and advice, visit:

Also, for information on Roseland and donating, call the HR4NON-PROFITS team at 630.830.4443 or visit our website at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Alyssa Zavislak

Cornell College

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